Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Bestfriend's Ex-BF

A few months ago i came across the X of my bestfriend in MIRC. at first he didn't know who i was but i already knew it was him. we exchanged pm's, naughty pics, numbers and landline number too. started talking chatting about naughty stuff. i felt it was unfair for him that i knew him and he hadn't have a single clue who i was. so to cut it short i told him who i was evetually....

Until one day for almost 3-4 years of not seeing him, we were at the same coffee shop one saturday afternoon. he was with his current 7 years girlfriend and i was with my friends. alam niyo naman yung tipong pasilip silip sa kabilang table diba? so that's what happend.

That evening funny 'coz the moment i got home he texted me "ei, i couldn't see you kanina, she was looking at me =)" i replied "it's ok, good thing you didn't go to the comfort room, i might have followed you, you look kinda hot now, gym ba?" "haha! hot? thanks! yeah i remembered the last time we saw each other was ages na" he replied. hmmmm.... to cut the story short again, the last time we saw each other he was so totoy looking pa. but now he's transformed!

Anyway, after a few nights of talking over the fone, flirting, convincing... the day came when i itched again so, it was a thursday night and me and my best bud was at a bar drinking. after a few shots of tequilla, i texted him naughtily "ei, im at.... "when-kaya-thoughts" might be "tonight-na-thoughts" hehe". "ei you sure?" he replied. "yeah my offer only stands until 12mn. if your not here by then i guess i have to go home"... he didn't reply anymore. after 10 minutes i saw guy a familair figure walking towards us. guess who?! (i intentionally went to the bar near his place para walang kawala )

After drinking we ended up in his place. shy at first but since we've been talking eventually we became comfy after a while.i was sitting on the sofa watching tv, while he got something to drink... when i decided to wash my hands so i followed sa kitchen. when i got to the kitchen he was looking for something sa ref and i went to the sink.... after washing pagtalikod ko to get the towel he was already infront of me. "hey..." i said "so, tonight-na-thoughts?" he replied smile a smile, leaned over and kissed me. i responded with a gentle kiss. he held my cheek down to my neck... hmmmm... that felt good. my hands wre at his waist and my lips locked into his. grabe yung feeling na sobrang gusto mo siyang i-kiss since nasa bar pa kayo but you couldn't because public place.

So, we were kissing torridly this time... him undressing me slowly... i removed his shirt and dang the muscles... he smelled good.. then i started to kiss him sa neck down to his chest, yung moan niya very gentle and sooo arousing... unzipped his pants and knelt in front of him... sabi niya "you want me to sit or stand?" told him "i want you to watch me while your standing" pulled down his boxers and held dick gently, just as i thought he watched me suck him hard and lick him good.there it was my favorite sight... yung helpless na siya sa sarap, yung ayaw na niya na gusto pa until he couldn't take it anymore, he pulled me up and laid sat me sa counter top.. spread my legs and boy he licked me good... "you like that huh?" he said softly "more!" me almost screaming.. "like this?!" he said... "yeah like that!"

So much for the foreplay, lipat kami ng sala, sa couch. he sat back and i took over. inupuan ko, dang! sarap... started to go forward and backwards instead of up and down... gumiling giling ng konti teasing him. when he gets mad lalo kong binibitin, until di niya na kaya he laid me sa couch sabay sabi "tama na my turn to torture you!" he rubbed his dick sa clit ko until i begged for him to put it in... he placed it in slowly... pumped slowly tas he told me to wiggle my butt sabayan ko raw.. "like this?" "aaahhhh.. yeah" "ganito ba?" "hmmm oo s**t!" a few more pumping and grinding until he was about to come. need not to tell him anymore coz he knew i wanted him to come in my mouth. he pulled and masturbated until he came, swallowed every drop...

We still text each other untill now btw and oh he has his own pad

Oh well! so much for my best friend's X?!

Chipmaker's note: This post is Mahilig's contribution. Thanks!! I loved reading this...

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