Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My heart bleeds for the Japanese people. I don't know how it's even possible for thousands of people to die just like that. A strong earthquake, followed by a tsunami, and now, multiple nuclear reactors are threatening to spiral into a meltdown. Whatever is the reason for this to happen to them, God only knows. So when I see jerks posting nonsense such as these, I can only shake my head and wonder if there's something in between theirs.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Belated Birthday Gift

I had an appointment with my dentist, who's also my friend, last tuesday around 4:30pm. it's been a while since i had an appointment because of my busy sched. so i was there sitting on the dental chair while waiting for him to prepare the instruments, while doing so he asked me how i was and complimented that i looked good. i knew that it was his birthday a day before so i greeted him. he smiled at me and said thanks. he asked where's his gift and i said i didn't have any. me being naughty i joked and said how about a kiss? well i knew he wouldn't bite it but surprisingly he did! he was good looking and tall and had a pearly white smile dang!

I told him a peck on a cheek would do but he said i could do better than that.. at first i refused coz i got shy but hell a kiss wouldn't hurt right? so he leaned over and so did i. he gave me his cheek at first but slowly turned and kissed my lips instead grrhh! i could still feel lis lips pursed into mine.. i couldn't resist then and kissed him back. at the time he held my face and smiled while i kissed back.. there goes the signal! he opened his mouth a bit and placed out his tongue. i fought back and reached out the tip of his tongue using my tongue.. the kiss became more intense and slowly his hands was going down on me. i stopped him and said that someone might barge in.. yun pala there was no one else in the clinic already he told his aasistant to go home early and made an appointment with me then.

Kung naughty ako mas naughty siya. so he leaned over again and we kissed not i didn't stop his hand going on me. he gently caressed my waist up to my boobs.. unbottoned my uniform, his kisses lingered to my neck down to my chest. just as he reached out to undo my bra i told him to stop and i let him sit on the dental chair. lingering kisses from his lips down to neck.. unbottoned his polo and kissed his chest.. oh i forgot he smelled good! started licking his nipples gently. i heard a sigh and it was music to my ears. i looked at him told him to just look at what i was doing. still gently licked his nipples and now down to his tummy.. while unzipping his pants..

I gently caressed his cock with his boxers on thinking i could stimulate it well i didn't have to coz his cock was erect and hard as stone. still a grabbed it gently and caressed it up and down. all i could hear now are sighs here and there which made me more horny. i told him to stand up and slowly i knelt infront of him.. removed his pants left his boxers on and kissed the shaft traced my tongue from his balls, the shaft then the head.. bit his boxers and undressed it. i held his cock gently and licked the head.. around it. and slowly placed his cock in my mouth. uhmmm.. uhmmm dang! i could still feel his cock in my mouth. my tongue ring might have made him grab my head and pushed my head gently inwards.. it made me gag a bit but i still continued sucking him. while his cock was in my mouth i often times stop and move my tongue around and suck as hard as i could. deep throating was a bit a hassle coz he had quite a long dick.. i tried to but it made me gag so i had to reach in only as far as a could to make him moan more..i licked his balls too until he came.. i swalllowd his cum till the last drop and smiled at him, looking at me.

I stood up and buttoned my uniform. he asked what about you? i said well that was what i wanted to do for the past few weeks think of it na lang as my belated birthday gift to you. he just smiled.

While he dressed up, i gargled and sat back on the dental chair..

Who says only dentist give oral exams?

Chipmaker's note: This is another of Mahilig's contribution. We will be seeing more from Mahilig in this blog.

The Bestfriend's Ex-BF

A few months ago i came across the X of my bestfriend in MIRC. at first he didn't know who i was but i already knew it was him. we exchanged pm's, naughty pics, numbers and landline number too. started talking chatting about naughty stuff. i felt it was unfair for him that i knew him and he hadn't have a single clue who i was. so to cut it short i told him who i was evetually....

Until one day for almost 3-4 years of not seeing him, we were at the same coffee shop one saturday afternoon. he was with his current 7 years girlfriend and i was with my friends. alam niyo naman yung tipong pasilip silip sa kabilang table diba? so that's what happend.

That evening funny 'coz the moment i got home he texted me "ei, i couldn't see you kanina, she was looking at me =)" i replied "it's ok, good thing you didn't go to the comfort room, i might have followed you, you look kinda hot now, gym ba?" "haha! hot? thanks! yeah i remembered the last time we saw each other was ages na" he replied. hmmmm.... to cut the story short again, the last time we saw each other he was so totoy looking pa. but now he's transformed!

Anyway, after a few nights of talking over the fone, flirting, convincing... the day came when i itched again so, it was a thursday night and me and my best bud was at a bar drinking. after a few shots of tequilla, i texted him naughtily "ei, im at.... "when-kaya-thoughts" might be "tonight-na-thoughts" hehe". "ei you sure?" he replied. "yeah my offer only stands until 12mn. if your not here by then i guess i have to go home"... he didn't reply anymore. after 10 minutes i saw guy a familair figure walking towards us. guess who?! (i intentionally went to the bar near his place para walang kawala )

After drinking we ended up in his place. shy at first but since we've been talking eventually we became comfy after a while.i was sitting on the sofa watching tv, while he got something to drink... when i decided to wash my hands so i followed sa kitchen. when i got to the kitchen he was looking for something sa ref and i went to the sink.... after washing pagtalikod ko to get the towel he was already infront of me. "hey..." i said "so, tonight-na-thoughts?" he replied smile a smile, leaned over and kissed me. i responded with a gentle kiss. he held my cheek down to my neck... hmmmm... that felt good. my hands wre at his waist and my lips locked into his. grabe yung feeling na sobrang gusto mo siyang i-kiss since nasa bar pa kayo but you couldn't because public place.

So, we were kissing torridly this time... him undressing me slowly... i removed his shirt and dang the muscles... he smelled good.. then i started to kiss him sa neck down to his chest, yung moan niya very gentle and sooo arousing... unzipped his pants and knelt in front of him... sabi niya "you want me to sit or stand?" told him "i want you to watch me while your standing" pulled down his boxers and held dick gently, just as i thought he watched me suck him hard and lick him good.there it was my favorite sight... yung helpless na siya sa sarap, yung ayaw na niya na gusto pa until he couldn't take it anymore, he pulled me up and laid sat me sa counter top.. spread my legs and boy he licked me good... "you like that huh?" he said softly "more!" me almost screaming.. "like this?!" he said... "yeah like that!"

So much for the foreplay, lipat kami ng sala, sa couch. he sat back and i took over. inupuan ko, dang! sarap... started to go forward and backwards instead of up and down... gumiling giling ng konti teasing him. when he gets mad lalo kong binibitin, until di niya na kaya he laid me sa couch sabay sabi "tama na my turn to torture you!" he rubbed his dick sa clit ko until i begged for him to put it in... he placed it in slowly... pumped slowly tas he told me to wiggle my butt sabayan ko raw.. "like this?" "aaahhhh.. yeah" "ganito ba?" "hmmm oo s**t!" a few more pumping and grinding until he was about to come. need not to tell him anymore coz he knew i wanted him to come in my mouth. he pulled and masturbated until he came, swallowed every drop...

We still text each other untill now btw and oh he has his own pad

Oh well! so much for my best friend's X?!

Chipmaker's note: This post is Mahilig's contribution. Thanks!! I loved reading this...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I woke up in the morning to that delicious feeling of warmth between my legs. She was already going down on me, her mouth wrapped on my cock. Was she oblivious to the fact that I was woken to what she was doing? Probably not.

Tweenie (not her real name) called me the night before. She was crying. She just had an argument with her parents and wanted someone to have a drink with. I asked her to come over, not really knowing how i could help. I'm not exactly a poster boy image of what you would call a good guy, but nevertheless, when a friend needs help and if I could, I would.

We met at that fastfood joint in front of the place where I live. Her eyes were swollen, likely from all the crying she has been doing. Without saying anything, I just gave her a peck on the cheek and a light embrace. I smiled at her then I motioned with my head, "Tara."

We went my favorite drinking place. After ordering a bucket of beer, with free pulutan to boot, we settled at a table outside. It had just rained, and there was a light breeze blowing. Easing into my seat, I leaned back, got my Winston lights out of my packet and shoved a stick to my mouth.

"Ano ba nangyari?"

"Ewan ko. Parang wala na lang ako nagawang tama."

I smiled as I bring a bottle to my lips. I haven't had dinner yet and I was already thinking how this could wreak havoc on my ulcers.

"Wala tayong magagawa. Makakapamili tayo ng friends natin, pero pamilya hindi."

"Alam ko. Kaya nga nandito ako eh."

A full hour passed by, each of us absorbed in our own thoughts. After we finished six bottles and two servings of sisig, we got the bill and got up. We walked to the taxi stand and sat on the bench.

"Ok lang kung dito na lang muna ako?"

Walking back to my place, I can sense that she is slowly loosening up. We talked about how things are going in our lives. Me with my hectic travel schedule, her with her never ending stories of customers fumbling over how to get their desktop computers working.

When we got into my pad, I told her to get comfortable wherever she wants to. I went back to my laptop, resuming what work I started before she called.

She went to the bathroom. Initially, I thought she was just going to take a pee or whatever, so I was a bit alarmed when I heard the showers go off. Oh well, she must've been in a hurry to leave home, I thought.

I was deep into my work when I heard her call for me.

"Uy, pahiram ng towel."

I walked to my room and got one the walked back to the the bathroom door. She opened it slightly, just enough for me to hand her what she asked for. And just enough to catch her reflection on the mirror, a five foot, five inch image of a medium built morena lady. Her wet hair was pasted on her back, streaming droplets of water down her body.

"O ayan!"

"Teka, pahiram na rin ng shorts tsaka shirt!"

"Wag mong sabihin pati brief manghihiram ka rin?"


After handing her a spare pair of shorts and a white shirt, I went back to what I was working on. Soon after, she walked out of the bathroom and lied down on the sofa. Clearly, the clothes were several sizes too big for her, her body now shapeless with the fabric billowing because of the electric fan pointed at her.

I wasn't aware how long she had dozed off on the sofa until I felt tired myself. I woke her up, and asked if she wanted to sleep on the bed instead, as I didn't want her hurting her back on the sofa. Spaced out, she just nodded and held my hand as we walked into the room and hopped on to the bed.

It was raining again, and with the aircon on, it was quite cold. She was lying on her side, with her back towards me.

"Tweens, payakap ha."


And so I did. I slipped my arm inside her shirt and cupped her breast, my thumb brushing against her nipple. It was hard.

"Mmmm... kaw ha."


Then I found myself kissing her behind the ear, teasing her earlobes with flicks of my tongue. I kissed her neck, then down towards her nape, the soft hair there tickling my nose and my lips.
It was then that she turned to me, her eyes looking into mine. Without getting up, she was tugging at her shirt, getting it off. Then she her hands cupped my face, drawing me closer to her. I closed my eyes just as my lips touched hers. It was the most tender of kisses: i was gently biting her lips with mine, sucking on them. My tongue was caressing her, sliding against it. And I could feel her hands! Her hands were now inside my shirt, stroking my chest, her finger playing my nipple, drawing circles around it.

It was my turn now to take off my shirt. But I wanted more. I was squirming down as I pulled off my shorts, taking away my briefs too in the process. I was driven by the sensation of her lips, but when she reached down to brush her thumb on the head of my cock, I had to close my eyes to keep from moaning out loud. And so with one hand caressing my cock, her other hand playing my nipple, she pushed me to my back and straddled me. Leaning down on me, she was kissing my lips, my chin, my neck.

She understood what I wanted when I started tugging down at her shorts. She stood up on my bed, turned around to face away from me, then slowly pulled her shorts down. She was giving me a good view of her butt as she leaned over to remove her shorts from her feet. Then slowly sat down on my pelvis. Her hands were now on me again, stroking me harder with each movement. Then I felt warmth on my cock as started rubbing it against her pussy. She was hot, wet, and her clit felt like a warm nub against my cock.

She sat up a bit to position my cock over her pussy. Then slowly she sat on me. Rocking back and forth gently, my cock being engulfed by the tight warmth of her pussy. She was so tight, but very wet. She was pumping up and down on me, and as she did, I held up her butt and reciprocated by pumping up and down was well.


I could barely hear myself over the creaking bed and the sound of her wet butt slapping on my pelvis with each pump she's making. I pulled down her waist then stopped her, motioning her to turn around. Without taking away her's pussy's embrace on my cock, she twisted over to face me. Then slowly she started again. She was pumping up and down on me. All I could do was hold on the headboard with one hand and the other, cupping her breast. I was squeezing more and more as I felt my balls tighten with the impeding rush of explosion.

"Tweens, lapit na ko..."

She then increased the pace. She was almost squatting at me now, her feet firmly planted on the bed, her hands propped to my chest for balance as she impaled herself of my cock. Could she be near as well? I can feel her pussy clenching and unclenching with each and every pump, with a sudden burst of moisture engulfing my cock.


I could hear her, crying out loud as she reached organism, wave after wave of deliciousness radiating from her pussy.

"Oh god.."

Then with one hard pump I came in her, spurting my come inside her, filling the room with the smell of sex, two coming together.

She fell on to me, a ragged limp of flesh. Ragged, yes. Happy and satiated, very much so.

We didn't even bother to wash up after. I turned her again to her side and slid my leg over hers. And slept came on to us.

And now here I am, staring at the ceiling, one hand on her head, the other clutching at the pillow beside me. She was moving her lips over the skin of my head, parting the hole with her tongue, running it over the head, then down to the shaft, slowly flicking as she went down to the base. She then took her mouth off and blowed air over the length of my cock. I couldn't help but moan as I felt pins of coldness running across and over my cock. Then she opened her mouth again to engulf the head of my cock, taking me deep in her mouth. She was gliding her lips gently and wetly up and down the shaft as the head slid back and forth along the roof of her mouth. Over and over and over.

It wasn't long before the need to come reached a peak and I let out a gasp. At the first string of come came out, she took her hand and pumped at my cock in the rhythm of the bobbing of her head. Blast after blast, it came out of me. She took in everything. And when it was over, she looked up at me, those twinkling eyes, and smiled.

"Good morning."

Friday, October 22, 2004

What Chillout Music Can Do

i was at sitting at my desk, reading the true confessions thread in mtc. i just got my new mp3 player and i've recently loaded it with all songs in my laptop. i was listening to my favorite song for the moment, usher's burn. then suddenly, from behind my back, you pulled out one of the earpiece and listened with me.

i had no chance to do alt-tab, so i just went on, not really knowing how you'd react to what i'm reading. i can feel you move closer to the screen. i can feel your warm breath on my nape. i can smell your cologne.

"is that the new escada?" i asked.

"yup. you like it?"


you moved even closer. you've never been this close to me before, and i'm feeling sort of uncomfortable. but i'm getting heady. the mix of RnB music in my ears and your cologne is like an assault on my senses. and the hot fr's aren't helping either.

i know you can sense that. why else would you move closer still? your head is almost by my side, i can hear your faint hum. let it burn. let it burn. let it burn.

and burn it does, that sensation i can feel in my back. your firm breasts pressing on my back. i can almost feel the ridge your bra makes on the top of your breast. what even makes it more excruciating is that fact that you're slowly rocking against me, rocking against usher. please don't do that. now's not a good time.

your hand move to my side. slowly you stroke my shoulder, down to my sides. i'm fighting not to get ticklish, but i lose. i flinch. the other earpiece falls off. i drop my hand to get it, but it seems that was the opening you were looking for. you slip your hand into the sleeve of my shirt. inside i smile. so this is your game, huh?

i let you invade me, let your hand stroke what it wants to stroke. what's that your finger doing? hmm, i like that. i like the way it leaves a tingling sensation on the top of my nipple. your thumb and middle finger joins together as you pinch me. delicious ripples travel through my body, and converges at my loins. oh god. is this really happening. right here? right now?

i know how much you like chillout music, and i still remember how you never gave me back my cafe del mar cd's. fast tracking through the dial, i stopped at chillout ibiza. let's see how you react to this.

you pull out your hand out of my shirt. f**k. now what did i do wrong?

apparently nothing. instead you start unbuttoning my shirt. when it reaches to where it's tucked inside my pants, you turned my seat around to face you. because the length of the wires from the earpiece didn't allow us to get far from each other, you had no choice to but stay close. good thing it allows you kneel down, which you did. you didn't break from my stare as you carefully unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants.

sliding forward, i let you peel down my jeans. your hands were all over me. stroking my thighs, stroking my chest, pinching my nipples. i had to throw my head back and close my eyes and let everything wash over me. your delicious touch, the erotic pounding of bass beat on my ear, violins, piano. chillout music is like the aural translation of your touch all over my body.

still with my eyes closed, i felt your mouth starting at the tip, enclosing on it. your mouth is deliciously warm. i can feel it slowly tightening on the head. inch by inch, your lower your head into my loin. that wet, warm feeling engulfs me. every nerve on my shaft is overloaded by the sensation i sorely missed.

up and down along the shaft, your mouth bobbed. ever so slowly, so painfully in fact, you'll pull your mouth up, gently sucking on the head, at that point where the head meets the shaft. you know how i wanted being blown like this. short up and down movements just underneath the head, and long sucking motions on the tip. i had to fight the urge to grab your head and push you down. i know you won't like that. you started this, you run this show.

looking up, your mouth releases me and your hand takes over.

"are you okay?" you didn't say it but that's what your mouth looked like what you were saying.

i nodded.

you smiled. no, not that smile again.

the pace of your hand is increasing. i'm squirming on my seat, almost lifting my butt off. the sensation of your hand tightening on me, but loosening it just enough to let your saliva moisten all over the shaft, it's just too incredible. then with your hand still on my shaft, you lower your mouth again.

this time i watched. i watched you bobbing your head up and down. i can barely peek inside your blouse. your white push up bra straining, pressed on my legs, soft and warm. your hand moves on an even pace now, moving againt your mouth. hand up, mouth down. mouth down, hand up. and all the time, your wetness surrounding me. your soft slurping noises adding to the madness i'm feeling.

with one sudden grunt, a release of breath of i've been holding for so long, i came in your mouth. gush after gush, spurt after spurt, i came. you didn't pull your mouth away, but i can still feel your hand pumping me, urging me to give it all i've got.

"mmmpph," you say




"mphrn mph?"

"la na. tapos na."

you pull your head up and i saw you swallow, closing your eyes as you do so. you smile again. actually, is that a faint chuckle?

"mag-ayos ka na baka may dumating."

"tayo na lang nandito eh."


then as i was buttoning back my trousers and polo, you walked to the rest room.

"sakit ng tuhod ko."

now it was my turn to keep the chuckles in.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Getting Even

Let's call her Avon. Avon is a late-20ish friend back from college. She was one year behind me in UP. Although we came from different courses, we shared some major subjects together. She's also one of my ex-girlfriend's good friends.

Avon has always been quite a looker. A bit on the chubby side, she had this pair of 34B's which swayed everytime she walks around. This was accentuated by the fact that she always wears these tight pastel polo shirts and shorts.

I never told my ex that I had the biggest crush on Avon. A lot of times I find myself just staring at her plump, tanned legs, the curve her breast makes straining on her shirt. She also had these full lips that seemed to be smiling all the time. In spite of her physical assts, Avon is the kind of girl you'd love to have as a friend. She's sweet, caring, and she always goes out of her way to help you out. I remember she would drop me off at home after our 6pm class, even though my house was out of the way from her usual route.

Anyway, we stopped communicating with each other after I graduated from college. I never knew what had happened to her until some genius in our college org decided to come up with a yahoogroups for the alumni. A couple of weeks later we were emailing each other almost everyday, catching up with what's been happening with each other's lives. Sometimes we'd bump into each other in gimmick places around Manila.

Slowly we were picking up our friendship from where we left it after we lost in contact with each other. She found out I was already married, but that didn't get in the way of what we had. You have to understand that at that point, there was really nothing betwen us except for the fact that we are quite close friends.

Avon is also quite committed. She has a fiance who's been with her for more than eight years now. Let's name her boyfriend Buddy. Although I've never met Buddy before, Avon talks about him all the time that I can't help but feel like I know him already. He works for one of the biggest call centers in Manila, so most of the time, they have to juggle their schedules just to spend time with each other. It's a good thing that Avon happens to manage their family business so she's pretty much flexible with her time.

A week ago, Avon and I were texting, just bothering each other while we're both at work. I told her about one time when I was flirting with a married woman and how it all started with us going for coffee. Suddenly she called me up and even before she said anything, I knew something was wrong. Was there something I said that made her react that way? Apparently, she found out that Buddy was fooling around with his best friend, who happens to be a girl, which we will now name Tisha. Buddy and Tisha started fucking around because of these coffee sessions they would have, and that triggered Avon's reaction. Avon has been keeping this to herself for quite some time now and wanted to get it off her chest. So, ironically, I invited her to have some coffee with me.

We met at this quiet coffeeshop in Fort Bonifacio. There, for almost two hours, she cried and told me everything that's been going on between her and Buddy. Throughout their eight-year relationship, Avon and Buddy had never had sex. Being a man, of course Buddy was irritated. To make up for it, Avon allowed Buddy to go and have sex with whoever he wants, as long as he's discreet and careful about it. So Avon knew Buddy was sleeping around, but what really disappointed her was why Buddy have to do it with Tisha, who was close to them as a couple and had even volunteered to cater for their wedding.

It was getting late and I offered to bring her home. She lives near Fairview, so I had to take the C5 route. Getting down from the viaduct after the Kalayaan intersection was traffic because of the U-turn slot going into Pasig proper. (Un)fortunately, I was on the left side of the road and couldn't transfer to the right side because of the cars that were taking the U-turn. So I was forced to take the U-turn and decided to use the road that leads to the motels. I was at that busy intersection already when she touched my right hand and asked me to drive inside one of the motels. I wasn't really expecting this, but what can I guy do?

I didn't say anything, but I just did what she asked me to. It was an off night, there was an empty slot available as soon as we pulled in. We weren't talking to each other as we climbed up the stairs into the room. Once we were inside, we sat down at the edge of the bed then just looked at each other. I almost fell off the bed when she took off her shirt and unclasped her bra. She stood up and walked over to where I was sitting. My face was right in front of her breasts. I was so close I could smell her body lotion and see the small bumps around her brownish nipples. She smelled so good. I just looked up at her, feeling stupid at that moment, because I didn't really know what to do. Here I am, sitting down, with my good friend standing topless in front of me.

She then took my head, gently caressed my hair and pulled me towards her breast. They were soft and firm and smooth. I deliberately moved my head to one side so that my lips would miss any part of her breast. My cheeks were burning from the soft warm flesh of her breasts. I was surrounded by the fragrance of her body lotion, but this close, I smelled more than that. I was smelling herself, who she really is. She then moved her body to line up her nipple with my mouth and at that point, I lost grasp of what was right or wrong.

I gently sucked at her nipple, feeling it go harder in my mouth. I played her nipple with my tongue, flicking the tip of my tongue on the tip of her nipple. I knew she was getting aroused with what I was doing when I felt her head tilt up and her breathing getting heavier. Encouraged, I started licking under the nipple and beneath the fullness of her breasts. I was giving each tit the same treatment, my tongue travelling from one breast to the other, and all the soft flesh in between. I want to take control of the situation and had her on the bed. This time, I was the one on top of her.

Still kissing her neck, her earlobes, the soft, inner flesh of her shoulders, my hands automatically found itself tugging at the button of her jeans. Instead of protesting, she just said, "Oh, Jesus!!" I managed to unbutton her jeans and pushed away the rest of it. She was helping me out by tugging her jeans downwards with her legs.

She had thin cotton panties on. They were baby blue. As I touched her crotch through the fabric, that was then she uttered her first words of protest.

"Chip, no." she said.

But she didn't sound angry. In fact, she sounded kind of reluctant. Like she really didn't want me to stop but felt she had to say it.

I kept my hand on her crotch and with my top hand I brushed my fingertip on her nipple. The effect was immediate.

"Oh, Chip." She groaned and involuntarily pushed her hips up. This moved my fingers down into the crack between her thighs. My fingers were now on the crotch of her panties - right on top of th soft jagged ridge of her cunt. I could feel how wet the material was.

I started sliding my finger up and down where I could feel her pussy lips pushing against the thin material of her panties. Her hips started to move in response. Slowly at first, then with more speed. When she arched her back and raised her hips completely up off the bed, I knew that I had her.

She wanted me to rub her pussy. She was making small whimpering noises at first, and then as the tempo of my rubbing increased, she started to say, "Oh, oh, oh."

I moved my finger to the side, slid it under the crotch of her panties and then pushed it back to the center. My finger was now rubbing against her bare pussy. She was shaven smooth. Her cunt was so wet that after a few strokes, my finger slid right into her warm, wet hole.

I held Avon steady as she started to buck against my finger. She was moving herself up and down and back and forth. I decided to go for broke and moved my head down towards her pussy.

"Chip, no, not that." she said sounding serious this time, but by this point I was so horny that even if she had screamed at me I wouldn't have stopped.

As my face got closer to her crotch, a strong musky odor hit me. I was smelling pussy, and it was my good friend's pussy at that.

I put both my hands on the sides of her panties and tugged. She lifted her ass up off the bed. I knew now that she was so turned on that despite what she say, I could do whatever I wanted with her.

Her panties came off, then I dropped them on the floor and wasted no time putting my mouth on her pussy. She was so wet now that I got her juices all over my face. I started to work my tongue in and out of the warm folds of flesh that was her pussy. She groaned with pleasure and slowly spread her legs wider to give me better access to her crotch. Her pussy was getting wetter and warmer. I licked slowly upwards, starting from the bottom. She was clenching and unclenching her asscheeks in time with my licking.

When my tongue reached the top of her cunt, she really went wild. She grabbed the back of my head and held it in place. I felt a hard little nub of flesh and sucked in between my lips. Then I flicked my tongue furiously over it as fast as I could.

She was moaning louder now, a voice coming from her which I've never heard before. "Chip, oh fuck. Tangina. Sige pa. Fuck, that feels so good!" Then her body went completely rigid, shaking slowly. "Oh God, I'm coming... Shit!" Then I looked up at her and I could see her arms over her face, her mouth gaping wide, her eyes staring at the ceiling, trying to understand what had happened to her body.

"Shh, baby, just let it take over you." I said, then went back to her clit. I slowly ran my tongue over her clit, still hard from the overwhelming sensation that had happened to it.

After a couple of more moments, I knelt on the bed between her legs. I was about to unbuckle my belt when she pulled herself up and reached over for her shirt and bra.

"This is so wrong. I can't." was all I heard.

I got off the bed and put my shirt on. I didn't know what to say.

"Von, sorry. Hindi ko napigilan. I..." I didn't know what to say.

I didn't mind not getting off. I was more concerned now for her. Here she was, a couple of hours ago pouring her heart off because her boyfriend was cheating on her; only to find herself in the same situation. I felt ashamed, thinking what kind of friend am I.

I called over for the roomboy to bring the bill over. She was silently putting her bra and shirt on, not looking at me.

After I paid for the bill and we were both in the car, we were driving along Meralco Ave. when I touched her hand and said "I'm sorry."

She just looked at me and said, "Thanks. Let's just pretend this didn't happen, okay?"

I nodded and went back driving. It was a lonely drive from Pasig to Fairview. The two of us were trying to understand what had happened, and yet in the end, we both know that even though we liked it, we didn't feel good about it.